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Saturday, March 31, 2007

MAC Balloonacy Look!

Face: MAC SFF NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, Manhattan Pure Mat, Jane Blushing Petal, Terra del Sol #7

Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, MAC Helium, MAC Knight Divine, Manhattan JT, L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black

Lips: MAC Festivity l/s, essence I'm Yours l/l

Here's a pic of my Balloonacy stuff and two pics of Festivity on my lips:


Anonymous said...

Love the look, it's gorgeous!!

Just wondering if you can give me some tips on applying chunky pigments like helium. I've tried it dry and wet (with mixing medium) with either denser or fluffier brushes - but I can't get it to blend (the chunks won't smooth out). The only thing that works is using my fingers, which I like to avioid.
I have other chunkier typed pigments such as copper sparkle, but it blends like a dream when applied wet.

Padmita said...


I applied Helium mixed with Fix+ with the #242 brush with is pretty dense. I doubt you would get it to look really smooth because it just isn't a smooth texture, but I like the somewhat sparkly look of the chunkier piggies like Lily White. But if your fingers work best with them, why not? It's not a crime to use them :)!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely give that a try!
Do you pick up quite a bit of helium and dab on at a time or very little? thanks again!

erin said...

She is looking very beautiful. Really her lipstick is adding more beauty on her face. Nice products.

tummytuck said...

Hey.. Awesome Tips. I like this tips and apply this tips in my regular life. In the above post she looking really beautiful, I like her lips and all this make-up product. Thanks for sharing this pictures here.
Tummy tuck