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Monday, November 17, 2008

Fyrinnae Endangered Collection

For this look, the two main colours I used are Meerkat and Polar Bear from Fyrinnae's Endangered Collection. Not only are all of those shades stunning and pretty unique, but a part of the sales profit is donated to the WWF to help protect endangered species! So this is really a collection for animal lovers like me :D!

To create the look, I applied Rimmel Cream Shadow in Ice Princess all over my lid as a primer instead of my staple Bare Study. Meerkat (purple with golf flecks) goes into the inner and outer corners, then I wetted my brush slightly and applied Polar Bear to the middle of my lid, blendng into Meerkat. The same pattern is repeated on the lower lid but with a very small brush. Expression kohl in white goes on the waterline, and black goes beneath the lower lashes in a thin line. Finally, I glued on the falsies with Duo lash glue and went over them with Cover girl Lash Blast mascara. This is a pretty easy look!

As for the lips, pictures really don't do the combo justice! It's more colourful and pink in real life, and it has some gold sparkle as well!

Product list
Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, Fyrinnae Rice Primer Powder, MAC Afterdusk
Eyes: Rimmel Ice Princess, Fyrinnae Meerkat, Fyrinnae Polar Bear, Manhattan JT, Maybelline Expression kohl in black & white, Lashes, CG Lash Blast
Lips: Rimmel East End Snob, MAC Pink Cabana, MAC Valentine's Lipgelée


Vichaya said...

Your eyes're so stunning!!!!!

I love your makeup.

Thanks for posting them on the blog!

jojoba said...

this is so subtle and pretty! and I have not seen your full face for a long time! :P Love the entire look and you still look fabulous with the flower on the hair. how do you do that? i always look like a cartoon character with anything on my hair!

Dio said...

Really Beautiful !
But it's strange, you said "you are an animal's lover" but you take brands who are tested on animals (like Rimmel & CG)?!?
But I still love your look.

Padmita said...

That whole "we test/do not test on animals" thing is quite shady for me. Supposedly some brands say that they do not test on animals, and in fact they still do, others use ingredients that have been tested on animals before. What I mean is that I love animals and would personally never do harm to any animal. If you saw my make up collection, you would notice that only a small part of my collection consists of brands like Rimmel or CG...

Padmita said...

@Jojoba: I'm sure you would make a lovely cartoon character though ;)!

rm said...

Wow. Lovely!

Anonymous said...


Dio said...

I understand you ! I like some minerals brands who don't test on animals but who's know if their ingredients are tested or not ...

I don't make you sad or mad with my old comment. Sorry if I did.

I really love yours makeups (all), you are very inspiring !

I have a new good mascara (more two good mascaras), one from Dr.Hauschka (the Novum) and another from SignatureMinerals. This is hard to find a good one specially in mineral/organic makeup ;)

Brit said...

Gorgeous! I love the technique, I want to try it!

P.S - In the second pic you're look is very Chloe Sevigny

Pierce said...

Great technique indeed, I was also admiring the beautiful color of the eyes, not just the color but the look they have.

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