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Monday, December 15, 2008

Dark Christmas Look

This week's look is practically the opposite of last week's which was all about white-and-silver-winter-fairy - still festive, but darker and a little more edgy (but not too much. I'm just not THAT edgy!). It was inspired by a random pic in a fashion magazine I came across, and I wanted to do something to match the black hair ribbons and gloves I bought at SIX (the only problem is that the gloves are just a little too large for my hands, but whatever....).

The look employs a new technique for me, so I'll try to give a more detailed description of what I did. The first thing after priming my eyelids was to draw the black lines all along my upper and lower eyelids with a black kohl, so I knew where the other colours had to be placed afterwards. Then I applied Your Ladyship pigment under the line, and Fyrinnae Tapir over the black line up to my crease, then adding some MAC Carbon to blend the kohl line into Tapir. Above Tapir I applied some Heart of Gold with MAC's #219, and as before, used Lenticular to blend Tapir and Heart of Gold together. Some more Your Ladyship was applied in the inner and outer corners, and I added both Tapir and Lenticular below the lower liner very small brush:

I hope my description was good enough - as always, if you have questions, just comment and ask!

Product List
Face: MAC SFF NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, MAC MSF Light, Paula Dorf Playmate Cream Blush
Eyes: MAC Bare Study, MAC Your Ladyship, MAC Carbon, Fyrinnae Tapir, Fyrinnae Lenticular, Fyrinnae Heart of Gold, MAC Vanilla, Maybelline Expression johls in black & white, CG Lash Blast
Lips: MAC Mellow Mood l/s, Milani Champagne Ice l/g

And in case you're wondering why my pics look a little different: the face shots are courtesy of the DH and were taken with my sister's Canon EOS 400D and a 100mm portrait lens which is *awesome*!


happy1234 said...

Thats a fantstic look - I would really like to try it but not sure what will happen lol.

The Mighty J said...

That is beautiful! Wow, I love it! I would love to do it but am sure the results would be scary LOL You need to upload a video of how to recreate the look though! Its fantastic!

Dio said...

This is so so pretty ! I must try it ! Thanks for yours explanations !

And happy holidays !

Natalie said...

love these last two,
do you do requests? haha
me and my friend are going out for NYE with a black and gold theme and wanna do something quite extravagant with gold glitter and patterns!

Padmita said...

Thanks everyone :)!

@Natalie: I have nothing against doing requests but I'm not sure what you mean by patterns exactly? Could you explain a ittle more or give an example so I can imagine what you mean :)?

Anonymous said...

Oohh gorgeous, I love cut creases.

Phyrra said...

This is really cool!
At some point, could you do a step by step on how to do this?

Raymond Fujimoto said...

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Merry Christmas