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Sunday, March 29, 2009

White Fairy

This weekend's look is a little change from the more colourful looks of the past weeks, but today I felt more like doing something light, fairy-like in more neutral colours like beige, white and silver, with the focus being on the half-lashes. I did my entire lid in Vanilla and then added just a touch of Quarry to contour my crease. Then I lined my eyes with the white kohl, winging them out several times and adding a little pearl with lash glue at the end of each wing. Then I lined my inner corners with Platinum pigment and drew a little flower with the kohl and Silver Fog pigment, and a rhinestone in the middle. I did a very thin line with my Manhattan liner and glued the lashes onto the outer thirds of my eyes:

Product List
Face: p2 perfect Face, MAC SFF NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, Palgantong theatrical powder, Jane Blushing Orchid
Eyes: p2 perfect Eyes, MAC Vanilla, MAC Quarry, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, MAC Silver Fog, MAC Platinum, Manhattan JT, CG Lash Blast, rhinestones and falsies by Misslyn
Lips: MAC Cutester l/s


olivia said...

This look is so beautiful!

URY said...

You have very nice eyes! I love this look =D

Anonymous said...


Ash said...

This look is so unique and delicate looking, great job :)

jojoba said...

you are just way too creative!

tokyostargirl said...

love this!

The Mighty J said...


Lola ♥ said...

I love every single one of your make up looks! You're a professionnal! Or at least you're way too creative!

I visit you always! But I've never commented before! I hope you like my blog, which is in spanish, due to I'm from Argentina..


Padmita said...

Thank you ♥!!

Lola: He visitado tu blog, y me gusta bastante :)!

Blanca said...

I lovo your make up looks! Perfects!!!

Marie said...

so beautiful!

simona said...

Hello.I am from Romania an i also do a make up beautiful what you do

Anonymous said...

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