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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Youtube Tutorial

Magi from Magi-Mania did a video tutorial inspired by my look below, and her version came out beautiful - so if you want a video tutorial on that look, just watch her video (:

Click here to watch Magi's tutorial

Her eye make-up is always fabulous, you can also check out her looks on her blog!

As I have stated several times, I don't do youtube tutorials myself, because the lighting in my apartment sucks and I never got into watching them myself, BUT if I ever decided to do one, what look would you like to see a tutorial for? You can reply with a comment containing a link or picture (can be one of my former looks or a look you would like to see a tutorial on)!


L.S.S said...

Hi Padmita, I am a big fan of your looks and they are a joy to look at and try to copy them often. I think many of your looks would make great tutorials. Especially since many of your looks range from Exciting colors to glamourous looks to romantic colors. You could try your most recent Glamour Eyes for a glamourous look. Or Peacock Feathers and Paint me a Rainbow are great look for a colorful look. Painted Roses is a wonderful Arabic inspired look.

Jillian said...

Padmita, you are so talented I would gladly watch you put on clown makeup! I really hope you start making tutorials, I'm sure I'd (and others!) would learn a ton.

PaintMyWorld said...

Du kannst ja auch Photoslideshows mit den einzelnen Schritten besprechen oder untertiteln und auf YT abladen. Dann wären die Lichtverhältnisse nicht ganz so problematisch :-)

Ich würde mich freuen, zu erfahren, wo Du die einzelnen e/s, Pigments und Glitter aufgetragen hast. Durch Bilder allein komme ich nicht darauf.

PS: Ich liebe Deine AMUS!

Magi said...

:-* Danke

hühnerschreck said...

:o) danke für die erklärung - hab mich schon gewundert, warum du keine tutorials filmst, da deine makeups praktisch _immer_ der renner sind. aber lausiges licht ist sehr gut nachzuvollziehen ...

mir würde ein tut über smokey eyes gefallen - die mit dem gold aus dem letzten post beispielsweise. oder ein richtiger "kracher"-abend-look.

danke nochmal für deine klasse seite!

herzliche grüße aus dem glühend heißen neufünfland von frau hühnerschreck ;o)

Shawna said...

I am dying inside to see the Autumn Leaves look done in a video Tutorial!!! I LOOOOOVVVEEEE That look!!! Be Blessed!!

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


annyss said...

please do make-up tutorials!!
i love love love your art work hun!!
well done!!:))

azalina said...

omg! you should do youtube tutorial. you'll be the next big thing! trust me! everyone would be dying to know how you did all these gorgeous make up!

Sharon Curran said...

Magimanias eyes look amazing in that tutorial. I wish that you did tutorials on You Tube as I'd love to see how you put your looks together.