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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Golden Swan Lake

Tried out a new design last weekend: instead of placing the darker colour on the outer lids, this time I chose to place it in the middle. I started by doing my inner and outer corners in a light yellow shade with satin finish from the Zoeva 88 Mattes palette and adding two defining, elegantly curved lines in Gold Dusk (wet). Then I applied Swan Lake to the middle of my lid and blended into the yellow shade with Gold Mode pigment. With a soft blending brush, I blended between the Gold Dusk lines, careful not to accidentally blend them as well. I finished the look with some more Gold Dusk under my eyes, as well as Ardell #27(?) lashes, white eyeliner, pink rhinestones, black kohl and a touch of CG Lash Blast mascara.

Product List

MAC Bare Canvas, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, MAC Gold Mode, MAC Swan Lake, MAC Gold Dusk, Manhattan JT, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, pink rhinestones, CG Lash Blast, Ardell Lashes #27


~tHiAmErE~ said...

it looks great

i would totally try this out
nice look

Tahti said...

This so perfect, I love the blending!

Pauline said...

Wouw, I really like that look!

barelisa said...

beautiful! as always!

Chinda-chan said...

Wow, echt traumhaft!
Du bist mit sicherheit ein schöner Schwan! ;-)

Stefanie said...

Beautiful! The contrast between the cool silver and warm gold is lovely

Natalie Teves said...

nao canso de olhar suas maquiagens!!
seus olhos ficam lindosss
nao sei porque nao faz videos tutoriais
para nós
tenho varias amigas brasileiras que amam seus looks!!
Natalie Teves

Phyrra said...

That's a gorgeous look!

Vixxan said...

Very pretty!!!

Sanna said...

That's very beautiful!

Pilland said...

______████ _
_____██████ _
____████████__________ ▌
___███____███_________ █
__███_______ █_________█
____█______██______███_ █
___████_█ █__███ _█__██_▌
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy


you are so incredibly talented!!

aphrodite_shei said...


Padmita said...

Thank you all ♥!

Victoria said...

Gorgeous! I'm wondering what you use/recommend to keep the rhinestones in place?

Marce said...

Wow, beautiful. I'd love to see what the overall makeup looked like =)

Padmita said...

@Victoria: I just use regular transparent lash glue (Duo) :)

@Marce: I leave that to your imagination ;)

Tavia said...

This makeup is really gorgeous for green eyes. Brings so much light and gives such an interesting look. I like it really is special