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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Vivid Red-Bronze Look

Hey everyone,

I reworked the blog's layout - what do you think of new "face"? I personally love the new colouring, although I miss my polka dots a little... Please check out the new blogs on the link list too, there is some pretty cool stuff on there :)

Stay tuned for more "fantasy" looks soon - ordered a ton of cool nailart stuff from, but am going to use it on my eyes instead of my nails :)

Today, I did another look for Vivid Cosmetics and experimented a little with the camera as well. Anyway, enjoy the pics (the palette was given to me for free):

Product List
Face: MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect, MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, MAC Loose Blot Medium, Vivid Blush palette
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas, Vivid Eyeshadow palette, MAC Pure Ore in inner corner, Manhattan JT, CG Lash Blast, ModLash lashes, Maybelline Expression kohl in white and black
Lips: NYC Ruby l/s, Rimmel Pink Shimmer l/s, MAC Ample Pink plushglass


Duvessa said...

I decided an hour ago to do a look tomorrow with similar colours :D But at least I got more inspiration for my look now. Really pretty!

Majka said...

wow sieht richtig toll aus....

ScrubbingUpWell said...

This is beautiful. The red shadow really suits you.

Karin said...

Way to narrow middle-column, but awesome makeup!

And why don't you have open comments, where you can put your name and url instead of login to google etc?

Adriana said...

WOOOOWWW!! Love it!!

Greetings from Spain,

Aurelia said...

Really wonderful job, congratulations darling.

Aimee said...

This is one of the prettiest looks I've ever seen! Grats!!

BoldAsLove said...

All your looks are phenomenal! I randomly found your blog and recognized these looks from Specktra. I have eye makeup envy in a big way now ;)

Anastacia said...

This is so great make-up! Looks so nice!

graphology said...

Das sieht wieder wunderschön aus :-)

Ich würde auch irgendwann supergerne nach London ziehen jetzt überlege ich grade ob ich mein Au Pair Jahr dort oder in Australien machen soll, die Entscheidung fällt mir so schwer.

Die wöchentlichen Mietpreise haben mich auch umgehauen.

liloo said...

Love this look :)

Jonna said...


Marilena S. said...

Dieses AMU ist echt sowas von der hammer; du siehst echt so wahnsinnig klasse aus.. und ich kanns mir nicht erklären, aber: auf dem dritten bild von unten (schwöre!) siehst du aus wie Olga Kurylenko ( im letzten James Bond in der Poker-Szene, wo sie in dem tollen Abnedkleid ist! ;) :D ^^ Hammer! Du Schmink-göttin! ;)
lg, Marilena

Emma P said...

Very nice look and fantastic pictures!

elli said...

Hi! First time here! And in 1 minute I know I want to bookmark this blog. I love the details in your makeup and also how your photos are taken! Must ask, do you photograph yourself when taking photos on your eyes??

Like your blog. Will definitly come here again and again =)

/Linda, Make up artist.

Padmita said...

Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment!

@Marilena: Wow, das ist aber ein tolles Kompliment! Ich fühle ich geschmeichelt (:

@elli: Welcome! I'm glad you like my blog :) Yes, I take all my eye close ups myself, same as most of my full face shots!

shortylegsbeauty said...

this is really beautiful :)
I just found this blog and I already love it :)
Great and beautiful looks :)


cool said...

Awesome!! Great make-up. I really like it specially red shadow one.
Thank you for such a wonderful posting.

dale said...

This is just superb! This eye make-up is most beautiful in my point of view. It creates such beauty on face. She is looking like innocent.